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Ahmed Mahmood.jpgMr. Ahmed Mahmood has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from India and a Diploma in Advanced Management from the University of Bahrain. He established his work career in Bahrain Islamic Bank (BISB) and later in Pricewater House Coopers Consultants (PWC) before joining Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) in December 1985. Having undergone extensive training and development both in Bahrain as well as overseas, he has held a number of senior positions in GPIC including that of Marketing Officer, Marketing Superintendent (Methanol) and now as the Marketing Manager for the company.

Further to this, Mr. Mahmood is also active in the wider society of Bahrain, participating in many events and engaging in activities that are beneficial to the local community, for instance, Mr. Mahmood is currently a member of the Organizing Committee of the Companies and Establishments Football League, to name but one of his commitments.

Email: MKM@gpic.net