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31 October 2017

Several officials of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), led by the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Khalid Al-Rawaihi, visited the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company on Sunday October 29 2017.

The delegation was received by GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, the Executive Management, the Deputy Chairman of GPIC Labour Union and senior officials.

Dr. Jawahery assured the delegation the visit was a good opportunity for communication and exchange of views on issues of industrial investment in Bahrain. He briefed the members on the Company's progress in its operations and productivity, emerging issues related to the Petrochemical industry and the challenges the sector was facing.

Dr. Jawahery expressed appreciation at the BCCI’s efforts to lead and serve Bahrain’s private sector and to enhance its capabilities to meet all challenges, changes and developments as required by the reform project of His Majesty the King and efforts to reform and develop the national economy.

Dr. Jawahery praised the keen desire of the BCCI Board to take steps in line with the future of Bahrain’s economy and to adopt a vital and effective role in dealing with the aspirations of the trade, industry, business and investment sectors.

The two sides also reviewed the developments at GPIC and its soon to be implemented projects, which are expected to benefit the Company and its Shareholders.

The delegation was briefed on the Company’s programmes and achievements related to production, safety, marketing, environmental conservation and community responsibility. The visitors were also told about the international awards won by GPIC and its good reputation among the regional and international markets.

The guests toured GPIC Complex, during which they visited the Learning and Leadership Academy and the eLearning Centre. They also saw the plants and GPIC’s environmental projects, which reflect the harmony between the industry and the environment.

They went to the Charity Fish Farm and Bird Sanctuary as well, after which they were treated to a luncheon.

Dr. Al-Ruwaihi thanked the Executive Management for inviting the BCCI Officials to visit the Company and look at the progress the Company has made over the years, in the process becoming a source of pride for the nation.

He said GPIC stands as a symbol and a model of GCC cooperation and is a great success in the economic sphere, besides having an impact on strengthening relations between the Gulf countries. He said Bahrain is proud to be chosen as the Headquarters of the successful venture.

He said in addition to GPIC’s success in the professional and industrial field, what is also significant is its success in the areas of occupational safety and health and community partnership. He said the Company’s influential role and strong presence within the community and in sporting, cultural, environmental and humanitarian events, spoke highly of its overall business strategy.

He thanked Dr. Jawahery for their warm welcome and hospitality and wished the Company more excellence and success in building on its achievements at all levels.