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02 April 2017

International Fertiliser Association (IFA) Chairman Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery presided over a meeting of its Board of Directors on the sidelines of the Global Safety Summit in Amman, Jordan.

The meeting reviewed the IFA’s achievements in 2016, which was one of its best in recent years when it saw significant improvement in performance.

This contributed significantly to the IFA’s work and its success in the light of the several challenges faced by the global fertiliser industry. The IFA also witnessed great co-operation among its members, as a result of which all the challenges were overcome. There was also increased cooperation between producers and manufacturers with all parties involved in the strategic industry.

The meetings also reviewed reports of IFA Committees, studied market expectations in terms of the balance of supply and demand in the medium term and impact on market trends.

Future plans for manufacturing technology and increased production have now been developed taking into account rationalization in energy consumption, health and safety promotion and environmental conservation.

The meeting also identified characteristics of good performance of sustainable global food and agriculture systems. It looked at development of a common understanding of the resources and ecosystem services along with social and economic impacts needed to build capacity in the systems and markets they serve.

Dr. Jawahery earlier inaugurated the summit and said it gave members the opportunity to meet to exchange experiences and information and strengthen links between them and other relevant bodies.

Dr. Jawahery spoke about the growing importance of the fertilizer industry since it is the most important element in the provision of food to the world’s population.

Dr. Jawahery is the first Arab to head the IFA and the first Arab to hold this and the position of the Chairman of the Arab Fertiliser Association at the same time.

The Paris-headquartered IFA represents the global fertilizer industry on issues related to the promotion of plant nutrients, improvement of the operating environment of member companies and the collection and compilation of industry information.

It is one of the largest unions concerned with fertilizers and has a membership of 540 companies worldwide. Manufacturers from the Arab world, including the GCC, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Jordan have a good presence in the IFA.

It regularly hosts meetings and symposia all over the world. It also hosts member meetings and organizes field visits to different manufacturers to help transfer technology and knowledge.