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09 November 2017

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery received well-known Bahraini writer Mr. Khalifa Ahmed Sulaibeekh and received a copy of his latest book, "These are Them – Bahraini Personalities".

Dr. Jawahery welcomed Mr. Sulaibeekh and thanked him for choosing him among prominent Bahraini personalities included in his book. Personalities from various areas, including medicine, science, industry, politics and community service are among those who feature in the publication. They have been chosen for having made a mark in their respective disciplines and have left an imprint in the field.

Dr. Jawahery said he is proud of serving Bahrain and said words in his praise gave him the strength to serve the Company. He said service of the homeland is the duty of all citizens, wherever they might be. He said they contribute every day towards nation building and raising its prestige all over the world.

Dr. Jawahery praised Mr. Sulaibeekh’s literary contributions who, he said, had taken it upon himself the task of shedding light on Bahrain’s important personalities.

Mr. Sulaibeekh thanked Dr. Jawahery and said he is one of Bahrain’s most important industry leaders, who had contributed to raising Bahrain’s prestige at regional and global forums related to the petrochemical and fertilizer industry.

He also praised GPIC’s and said the Company had made a mark not only in the field of industrial and professional work, but also in the areas of environmental care and community service.

He wished GPIC, which has a large number of Bahraini employees, further progress and development.

Mr. Sulaibeekh has published several books that document work of well-known Bahraini personalities. Among his most important publications are Khalifa Bin Salman Fares Al Midan, Hikayat of Hoorah, Faces of the Forgotten, and a host of other publications.