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05 January 2017

Saudi Basic Industries Company Executive Vice President of Agricultural Nutrients Anas bin Yusuf Quintab, who visited the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) recently, attended a ceremony to congratulate company Corporate Communications Department employee Ruqayah Ishaq for receiving an Executive Diploma in Corporate Communications and Public Relations with distinction from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations of U.K.

GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, members of the Executive Management and vice president of the employees Union were present.

Dr. Jawahery congratulated Ms. Ishaq and expressed pride and admiration in her achievement. He also complimented her for the excellence she demonstrated during her education and said she were an example of excellence and a model for other workers.

He said the GPIC always sought to provide opportunities that equip employees with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform tasks efficiently and create positive energy among workers in line with the challenges facing this dynamic industry. He said there is always an effort to provide comprehensive programmes for the Bahraini workforce after identifying their training needs and with a focus on the quality of training.

Dr. Jawahery spoke of the Management strategy on development and training of all workers, with particular emphasis on women, and to focus on enhancing women’s programmes as part of the leadership’s directives to empower them. He said these policies have the support and the blessings of the GPIC Board of Directors, which had played an important role in making sure that women occupied a pride of place and important positions within the company.

In her comments, Ms. Ishaq thanked and appreciated the Executive Management, in particular Dr. Jawahery, and said he had been the first in support of women and had worked to encourage them, provide them with support and assistance and always followed up on her progress.

She said one should never stop learning since there are no limits on ambition, which is not limited by age or circumstances. She said one must be constantly informed of developments because of the nature of the times they live in. The GPIC gives great importance to developing and enhancing its human capital as an element of its success. This results in workers performing with efficiency and technical competence to ensure they have the right skills to achieve objectives of sustainability, in line with the business strategies of oil companies.