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17 April 2017

The Health Committee at the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) organised a lecture on mental health as part of the World Health Day celebrations.

Aspire Action Achievement President Dr. Amal Al Jowder delivered the lecture and spoke of the definition of mental health, indicating it meant freedom from mental illness.

“A healthy mind is capable of behaving correctly and in dealing with the pressures of life, production and benefiting society,” she said. “For example, a person with depression cannot concentrate on his or her work and can reach a state of fatigue, stress and lack of focus.”

She pointed out towards the importance of mental illness and stressed it is a psychological condition like any other illness. She said psychological illness, like any other disease, is a chemistry in the brain, and is marked with a difference in the hormones and nerve areas of the brain. This imbalance, she said, causes the emergence of symptoms of the disease.

She said mental health is the way to physical health and prevention of various diseases and helps in the healing of diseases that may affect individuals. A doctor usually advises a patient suffering from any physical disease to keep away from depression and grief to enhance the body's ability to resist and heal. A good state of the mind works to increase the strength of the body’s immune system.

Dr. Al-Jowder later answered questions and refuted many misconceptions about psychiatry and negative ideas about it.

GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery thanked Dr. Al-Jowder for her valuable role in spreading awareness through the Company's programmes and activities for various sectors of Bahraini society.

Dr. Jawahery said the topic of the lecture stressed the importance of mental health, which is not limited to the individual alone. “This is because the individual is part of society and any injury or any kind of disorder to him affects the community as a whole.”

He thanking the Chairman and members of the Health Committee for organizing such an important lecture, which contributed to spreading awareness of the importance of mental health and avoiding disease.

The Health Committee, chaired by the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mohamed Jibril Salem, has organized several awareness sessions covering various fields in addition to organising various activities.

The Committee organizes events in cooperation with other company committees on various occasions.

The Health Committee also carries out special campaigns for blood donation, in addition to taking part in seasonal marathon events to raise awareness among the community. It also hosts specialists and nutrition and disease consultants and organises special training courses for staff.