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19 January 2017

Head of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Sudan Abdul Karim Yousef visited the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC), where its President, Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, Bahrain Free Labour Unions Federation Chairman Mr. Yaqoob Mohamed Yousif and a number of officials welcomed him.

The visitors and GPIC officials discussed achievements and other issues of the labour union movement in the Arab world and the important role played by Arab workers unions in support of trade unions and labour movements.

Dr. Jawahery commended the active role played by the Sudanese labour movement, particularly after the lifting of some economic sanctions against the country. He said the lifting of sanctions would open new avenues for economic projects and would contribute to the creation of new jobs and expanding foreign investments through strategic partnerships with countries around the world.

They also reviewed Bahrain’s experience and government support to the labour union as well as the care provided by GPIC Management. The Sudanese guest praised the Bahraini federation and said all its events and activities were designed to create awareness of labour union objectives and their importance in the different institutions and companies.

Dr. Jawahery reiterated officials’ full support to the labour union and praised the federation’s progress in achieving its objectives. He said full care is being given to the interests of workers and in preserving their rights. He said Bahrain’s leadership works without discrimination in supporting all unions and in providing all facilities to ensure their success.

Dr. Jawahery said GPIC Management considers all its workers, including women, as the main element in its success and takes special care to empower and provide them a stimulating environment to develop their skills.

The guests were briefed on GPIC’s history, the nature of its business, its manufacturing processes and exports. They were also told of the Company’s important achievements and awards it has won for its products and in applying the latest and best global standards in safety, quality and environmental preservation.

The visitors expressed admiration at GPIC’s development and praised the emphasis on protection of the environment. They thanked Dr. Jawahery and the others for the warm reception and the hospitality an applauded the attention given to all Company employees.