Made in Bahrain - صنع في البحرين
Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery Speaks at the United Nations Global Compact’s 15th Anniversary Celebrations
28th AFA International Fertilizer Technology Conference & Exhibition
Interview with Abdulrahman A.Hussain Jawahery, GM of GPIC - Bahrain TV
  • Interview with CNBC TV in the Supply chain conference
  • Inauguration of Leadership and Learning Academy during NOGA Board Visit
  • Her Majesty Queen of Denmark Visits GPIC
  • Queen Rania Al Abdulla Visit - Banks in Action Competition ( injAz)
  • Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa Visits GPIC
  • Interview with CNBC TV Arabia Bahrain
  • IFA 2012
  • GPIC Environment Film
  • Bahrain Green Technology Exhibition 2012
  • GPIC President's message on Safety, Health and Environment - Campbell Institute
  • How Big Business Can Sustain Our Soils & Environment
  • Signing memoranda of understanding between GPIC and Pakistani companies
  • GPIC Cup Horse Race – Part2
  • GPIC Cup Horse Race – Part1
  • GPIC Cup Horse Race – Part3
  • Etiquette from Childhood to Adolescence Book
  • Meet a CEO-Abdulrahman Jawahery
  • Meeting 2013
  • President Meeting
  • President speech
  • Leadership and Leaning
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  • CNBC Arabia
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  • Jordan