30 December 2021

The marketers of the shareholding companies give a presentation on the latest developments in the marketing of GPIC’s products

Board of Directors: We appreciate the great effort made by our shareholding companies to market the company’s products around the world.

In an initiative enhance communication between the shareholding companies of GPIC, GPIC’s Board of Directors issues a directive to the team specialized in marketing the methanol product at SABIC Agri-Nutrient Investments from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the team specialized in marketing the ammonia and urea products from the Petrochemical Industries Company in the State of Kuwait. The directive was to present, before their Excellencies the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company, the processes relating to marketing products and the latest developments in global markets, including challenges, prices and sales challenges.

Members of the methanol marketing team, Mr. Nayef Al-Mutairi and Mr. Moayed Hindi from SABIC Agri-Nutrient Investments, and member of the marketing team for urea and ammonia, Mr. Mahmoud Al-Abdul-Hadi from the Petrochemical Industries Company, delivered a comprehensive presentation. The presentation highlighted marketing operations based on the recent developments that the global markets witnessed, especially after the negative effects of the pandemic. Their Excellencies the members of the Board of Directors were reassured by the progress of the marketing operations.

Their Excellencies thanked the specialist marketing teams from both companies for the great and highly professional efforts shown by each team in marketing GPIC’s products at the best possible prices in markets witnessing many rapid changes and intense competition. This shows the wealth of experience in both teams, they added. The Board of Directors also thanked the executive management of SABIC Agri-Nutrient Investments Company and Petrochemical Industries Company, for their great efforts in supporting the marketing of GPIC’s products worldwide.

Their Excellencies acknowledged the great cooperation between the shareholders in implementing the strategies to ensure smooth processes and to enable the achievement of more record sales. They expressed their hope that such high levels of coordination will continue, as GPIC has set itself very challenging targets during the next year, and still has aspirations in global petrochemical and agri-nutrients markets. GPIC’s Board of Directors held its Annual Meeting No. (208) on Thursday 23 December 2021, their Excellencies discussed in depth all items on the agenda and came up with a set of recommendations and decisions that are in the interest of developing and advancing GPIC.

The marketers in each of the Petrochemical Industries Company and SABIC Agri-Nutrient Investments are responsible for marketing the ammonia, urea and methanol products of Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company.

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