08 November 2022

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company participates in the GPCA Responsible Care Workshop

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) participated in the Responsible Care Workshop held in the Kingdom of Bahrain and organised by the Sub-Committee of the Gulf Sustainability and Quality Assessment System (G-SQAS), which operates under the umbrella of the ‘GPCA Committee for Responsible Care of the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association’ on Tuesday 8 November 2022 at the Gulf Hotel.


This Awareness Workshop was held under the patronage of the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC), in the presence of 32 participants from the member companies of the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) and a number of independent evaluators. The workshop began with a welcome speech from the GPIC General Manager Corporate Support, Mr. Adnan Al Mahmood, followed by a speech by the Chairman of the G-SQAS Subcommittee at the Federation, followed by six presentations, in addition to an explanation of how the Sustainability and Quality Assessment System works within the Gulf. Eng. Jamal Al Shawoosh, GPIC Safety, Security, Health and Environment Manager, represents the company as a member of the GPCA RC Committee. 

On this occasion, Eng. Yasser Al-Abbasi, GPIC President, praised the company's participation in such an important workshop held by GPCA, noting that the Kingdom of Bahrain was chosen to hold this workshop due to the Kingdom's impressive proficiencies and capable competencies of ensuring good preparation to host such a prestigious event.

The company's President stressed that the workshop gained its importance as it contributes to enhance the importance of social responsibility within private sector institutions as an important aspect in achieving sustainable development.

The GPCA Responsible Care Committee seeks to enhance communication between member companies, in order to exchange knowledge and promote best practices related to responsible care through holding conferences, workshops and seminars that address environmental, health and safety issues. The G-SQAS Subcommittee is the committee that oversees the implementation of the G-SQAS system. It is a system for evaluating the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of logistics service providers in the Arabian Gulf region in a standardised manner by conducting a specific questionnaire with the help of independent evaluators.

It is worth mentioning that the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) is the first union of its kind in the sector within the Middle East, and it has witnessed a steady expansion in its activities since its establishment in March 2006, to guide the chemical and petrochemical industries in the Gulf countries towards a new era of fruitful cooperation. The union seeks, amongst other objectives, to formulate policies and regulations related to the sector, in order to ensure the achievement of sustainable and responsible growth for this rapidly changing industry.

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