11 January 2022

As part of its endeavour to preserve the environment and support sustainability

As part of its continuous support and care for the environment, and its commitment to preserving the sustainability of its surroundings GPIC acknowledged the importance of mangrove plants to the Bahraini environment. The president, Yasser Alabbasi, signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding to plant mangrove trees on the company’s complex, with Eng. Mohammed bin Dainha, CEO of the Supreme Council for the Environment. 


Eng. Yasser Al-Abbasi expressed his deep thanks for the pioneering role played by the Supreme Council for the Environment (SCE) as a key partner in supporting the environmental developments taking place in the Kingdom. He continued that the signing of this MoU is part of SCE’s strategy to interact with private companies, and encourage them to actively support SCE’s strategy and vision for the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The president of GPIC said that the company is actively implementing many environmental initiatives inside its industrial complex and close to its plants and industrial facilities, as a part of its commitment to protecting the environment, and spread social awareness of the importance of preserving the environment.  He added that the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed with the Supreme Council for the Environment was in line with the company’s environmental goals.

Eng. Alabbasi commended the unlimited cooperation shown by the Supreme Council for the Environment, as part of their goals of sustainable development.  He expressed his deep thanks and appreciation to His Excellency Dr. Muhammad bin Dina for promoting environmental cooperation with all government and private agencies, praising in particular the Council’s close cooperation with GPIC.  

His Excellency Dr. Mohammed bin Dina confirmed the SCE’s keenness to strengthen cooperation with various business sectors in order to improve environmental work, increase Bahrain’s  green footprint and combat  the effects of climate change.  He praised companies who adopt the principles of environmentally friendly sustainable development goals with various sectors such as GPIC, he commended the role played by the company in preserving the environment in general and the marine environment in particular.  

His Excellency explained that the MoU aims to stimulate environmental initiatives within the complex, by establishing a project to cultivate mangrove trees and promote the growth of these shrubs, in addition to improving marine biodiversity in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He added that the Supreme Environment Council will, based on the signed Memorandum of Understanding, provide mangrove seeds and seedlings to be planted in the company’s complex, and will periodically supervise the planting of mangroves in the areas agreed between the two sides.

Mangrove trees are of great economic and biological importance as they are the only natural incubator for shrimp. In addition, they are considered one of the best natural incubators for many marine creatures, and they are considered an ideal shelter for a variety of nesting birds.

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company is one of the leading companies in the fertilizer industry in the region, and has environmental sustainability at the heart of its operations.  It understands that bio-diversity plays a significant role in supporting the environment and keeps pace with its rapidly changing requirements.  The company is actively implementing many environmental projects within its industrial complex, including a number of gardens.  GPIC has also established a special area for aromatic and medicinal plants, in addition to a nature reserve for birds and a large fish farm that has contributed and is still enriching the fish stocks in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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