For GPIC, empowerment is an initiative in its own right, which is embedded deep in our DNA. Through the support and directives of our Board and Executive Management Team, GPIC has continued to empower its women employees to strive to the very highest echelons of its corporate structure.

GPIC is and always has been a role model to other companies both in Bahrain and in the GCC through its women empowerment strategies by recruiting, developing and retaining more women into various positions including management positions. Additionally, we ensure a zero discrimination policy within our company which is championed by our Equal Opportunities Committee.

Above all, we believe in our people and we know that through developing the qualifications and professional competencies of women in our organisation, we will ensure a sustainable and fruitful future.

GPIC's empowerment strategy and initiatives continue to encourage our people to become more involved in all activities associated with the business. Through our formal communication channels and committees, employees are able to work with and influence business goals and objectives. Participation in our numerous committees has encouraged greater autonomy in decision-making, has created a positive and engaged culture, and has resulted in the delayering and creation of an inclusive organisation.

In GPIC, we engage our employees to gain their commitment to the organisational goals and values, and in turn create a sustainable and profitable future both for GPIC and its employees.

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