Our People

People First

GPIC's unique approach is directly founded upon our Corporate Vision, Mission and Core Values. These Key values are RESPECT, EXCELLENCE, SAFETY, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, PROFESSIONALISM, INTEGRITY AND FAIRNESS, CREATIVITY, TEAMWORK AND TRANSPARENCY. To achieve our goals, we continuously focus on influencing, motivating, inspiring, recognising, coaching, mentoring, developing and training our employees at all levels of the organisation. Our greatest asset and core strength is our people. This is why our attention is focused on enriching their skills and knowledge throughout their career.

We believe in empowering our employees and holding them accountable by treating them with respect while simultaneously challenging them with tough goals. These goals are continuously monitored to ensure quality of work remins in line with GPIC's corporate Vision, Mission and Core Values. Our Vision, Mission and Core Values are shared with all employees and made readily available, starting from the newly recruited employee, to being embedded in each individual’s personal training and development plan. Our goals, targets and key performance indicators (KPIs) are discussed and communicated to our people through training, regular meetings and shift talks. Above all, every employee is assessed and measured annually against our Core Competencies as well as our Technical / Functional Competencies. Every development opportunity is provided to our employees to increase their performance and growth within the company.

Our Executive Leadership has a dynamic approach, where their actions respond to the nature of the situation. GPIC’s key decisions are based on facts and collective consultations through the involvement of employees and the Labour Union (LU) in meetings and various functional committees. In addition, GPIC reviews feedback and suggestions that it receives internally through the suggestion scheme on the company’s portal which can be accessed by all employees.
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