Carbon Dioxide Recovery

GPIC is one of the first petrochemical companies in the Middle East to embark on a Carbon Dioxide Recovery (CDR) Project. GPIC’s strategy was to find a state-of-the-art way of cutting down green-house gas (GHG) emissions and to improve the overall efficiency of the use of natural resources by the enhanced production of methanol and urea in its complex.
It was through continued focus on a sustainable approach to our business that the CDR facility was fast-tracked to achieve completion within 27 months, enabling GPIC to reap the financial return and add value to the environment.
As a result of our continuous drive for excellence, GPIC not only completed the construction of the project within the allocated budget, but did so without any variation in cost and ahead of schedule by one month.
GPIC's CDR facility is yet another important milestone in the history of the company. The addition of the CDR unit has contributed significantly to the enhancement of the existing high levels of production and augments our responsibility and care towards the environment.

Benefits of CDR

The CDR unit has helped bring GPIC's methanol production back to post-debottlenecking capacity and beyond. Since the plant is located outside the existing production processes, its operation does not affect existing operations in any way. The increased removal of carbon dioxide from the methanol stack emissions to the atmosphere, has both a physiological and environmental benefit to GPIC.
The installation of the CDR Plant at GPIC has had a beneficial effect in the long term, as the natural gas has gradually become 'lean' in terms of hydrocarbons resulting in lower carbon dioxide production from the Ammonia plant.
Thus, the additional carbon dioxide from the CDR is now required for the total conversion of ammonia to produce urea. The specific energy consumption per ton of methanol and urea has reduced post-CDR operation.


The CDR unit as an add-on provides ample flexibility in our operations. It can be isolated whenever required without any disruption to mainstream plants.
From the aforementioned, it is evident that the construction and the successful commisioning of the CDR unit at GPIC has had long term benefits for the company. The technoogy involved is proven, reliable and the returns are attractive. The CDR unit has aided in expanding GPIC's business while cutting down the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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