The Bahrain-India Friendship Garden for Neem trees was inaugurated on the 3rd June 2019 at GPIC Complex.

The garden, which has 150 neem trees, was built according to the latest designs and advanced irrigation systems to keep the evergreen trees healthy. These trees are characterized by their rapid growth and adaptability to desert conditions.

The neem tree had been selected as the main component of the Bahrain-India Friendship Garden because it is one of the most successful plant in dry environments and has been nominated by a scientific study as the 21st century tree or the nature pharmacy due to its many uses in the pharmaceutical and pest control industry, including agricultural and insect repellents. The tree is also a new source of biofuel production as well as its superior air purification capacity.

Neems are large, dense trees that grow up to 20 meters high and their branches form a large crown. Neem trees produce high-quality ash & sand, and they also have the ability to purify soil from salts and are known for their multiple medicinal uses in veterinary vaccines and in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

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