GPIC invests heavily in the welfare of society, and deserving groups in particular

The company’s investment encompasses schemes with regard to:

  • environmental protection,
  • health and educational programmes,
  • and conferences and workshops on a broad array of subjects, to name but a few.

GPIC also actively participates in various educational institutions, both locally and abroad, and provides generous contributions to organisations, including, social associations, libraries, professional bodies, charities and women’s empowerment initiatives.

The company further promotes and encourages a culture that is healthy, safe and environmentally conscious both within and beyond the borders of the GPIC complex, through family safety days, environmental awareness lectures and the company’s annual Safety, Health and Environment week, to name just a few of these initiatives.

In addition, GPIC has always strongly emphasised the importance of human capital, and a significant part of the company culture is focused on the training and development of employees and the constant improvement of their skills.

Further to employee training and development, GPIC has also started an initiative to train Bahraini university students studying in Bahrain and abroad, as well as high school students, with the main purpose being to expose them to the practical aspect of the theories of the respective majors they study.

GPIC’s vision has also extended beyond Bahrain to international non-Bahraini university students, with the company signing memoranda of understanding with various educational institutions, including London South Bank University in the UK, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and Bentley University in the United States.

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