What is ‘Sustainability’?

GPIC recognises the importance of addressing sustainability, which we define as balancing economic growth, social development and environmental protection. Through this triple bottom line approach to sustainability, focused on the three pillars: People, Planet and Profit, we hope to ensure future generations are not compromised by actions taken today. 

What do we do? 

We preserve and strengthen the trust and support of our clients, shareholders, employees, other stakeholders, and the communities in which we live and operate through numerous corporate social responsibility initiatives.

We constantly monitor, manage and take responsibility for our impact on the environment and proactively invest in projects that help nurture a more sustainable environment.

We strategically renew our assets, and create and deliver quality products that meet the evolving needs of society and our customers to be an increasingly profitable organisation.


Our Sustainability Reporting Commitment  

We are committed to observing the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the 6 Food and Agriculture principles (FAB) and the UNGC’s Women’s Empowerment Principles. In line with this commitment, we issue annual Communications on Progress with regard to our implementation of UNGC principles.

Please follow this link to view our Company Profile on the UNGC website https://www.unglobalcompact.org/participant/17279-Gulf-Petrochemical-Industries-Company

Please follow this link to see our Company Profile on the GRI website http://database.globalreporting.org/organizations/4514/


Our Long-Term Sustainability Goals  

GPIC has always set important goals to improve our environmental, health, safety, economic and social performance, and we have long been recognised for our achievements. In 2014, to make a greater impact, to scale up the contribution of our business to UN priorities and to align our strategy to Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030; we began setting our long-term sustainability goals.

We have set the bar higher with the introduction of a more ambitious set of goals focusing our efforts on:

  • climate change
  • energy and water conservation and resource efficiency
  • SHE excellence
  • human capital development
  • corporate social responsibility and community engagement
  • business excellence and economic sustainability

We base our long-term sustainability goals and targets on our past performance, we ensure they are constantly monitored and reported, and we share them with our stakeholders, all in an effort to demonstrate both our transparency and our complete dedication to sustainable development.

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