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"Innovation is necessary to solve the major challenges in the world today" - A memo from our President

Subject:  Innovation and Diversity

Img.jpgAt GPIC we simply define Innovation as “putting one’s creativity into action to enable the company to achieve its vision, goals and objectives” and Diversity as “the ability of a person to deliver in areas other than his area of expertise”.

We have seen GPIC grow over the years and one of the key elements to this success has been the talent of its employees. However, to remain competitive in this very challenging global environment we have to shift our momentum in line with the global ethics of developing environments. One of these important segments is innovation. Innovation is necessary to solve the major challenges in the world today.

We cannot be an innovative company if our people think the same way, do the same things, and are a product of the same environments. We strongly believe that if people who think differently, who have different life experiences, and who share their ideas and work together, amazing results will follow.

Keeping this in view we would request all the Managers and Superintendents to develop their staff in such a way that they are multi-skilled and can handle diverse functions and assignments. This will enable us to exploit their untapped talents, further enhance their development, make them more versatile and improve their effectiveness.

Please remember, nothing is more important to us and to our future success than attracting, developing and retaining the very best talent to achieve our vision and goals. Let us work together with an aim to make our employees innovative and diverse.

Best regards

Dr.Abdulrahman Jawahery


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