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Jamal Ali Mohammed Al Shawoosh.jpgMr. Jamal Ali Mohammed Al Shawoosh is the Safety, Security, Health and Environment Manager of the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC). Jamal is a Chemical Engineer with B.S.c degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Bahrain class of 1997 and M.S.c degree in Engineering Management from University of Bahrain class of 2005. He joined GPIC in June 1992, and undergone an extensive training and development both in house and overseas, he has held a number of senior positions in GPIC, including Senior Shift Supervisor and Methanol Superintendent. In July 2018, Jamal was promoted to his current position.

Mr. Jamal is a member of Bahrain Society of Engineers and also a member of the Chemical Engineering Advisory Committee at University of Bahrain.


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