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15 February 2018

A delegation of the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC), led by its President, Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, took part in the 24th meeting of the Arab Fertilizer Union (AFA) in Cairo, Egypt.

In a statement, Dr. Jawahery said the participation came as part of the Company’s desire to be present in the various AFA activities and gatherings and take part in discussions on important topics that support the Arab fertiliser industry.

He said the participation was an important step towards the industry’s development since the meeting was one of the largest and most important events attended by heads of major industrial companies along with experts from around the world.

The event this year was held on the theme, Struggle for sustainable agriculture and environmental protection in the Arab world.

Dr. Jawahery stressed the importance of providing all support to the AFA’s role since it seeks to achieve the industry’s most important goals and assists in its development.

He said he is proud of GPIC’s contributions to the AFA and continues to provide training programmes to members. This, he said, contribute to raising the companies’ performance and improving it.

Dr. Jawahery spoke of the large attendance at the event and the accompanying exhibition and said some of the largest Arab and international companies specialized in the fertiliser industries and equipment were in attendance. He said the activities were also supported by raw material manufacturers.

He praised the AFA General Secretariat in organising the event and said participants were very satisfied at the programmes and activities. He also applauded the positive response of the participants, who were keen to display the latest and most advanced industry equipment.

Dr. Jawahery said that the fertiliser industry in the Arab world today is considered the most important and a strategic pillar in the economies of many countries. He said the region contributes 64 per cent of phosphate rock, 30 per cent of sulphur, 38 per cent of urea, 49 per cent of TSP, four per cent of potash and 51 per cent DAP to the global markets.

He said the AFA serves to identify production problems and other bottlenecks, which lead to reduced capacity. This, he added, would lead to an increase in qualitative consumption of raw materials, reduce waste and prevent losses.

The AFA, he said, seeks to establish communication between Arab fertiliser companies through direct contact and by organizing technical workshops, conferences and forums that develop solutions to problems by taking into account their knowledge, vision and experiences.

The meeting also discussed current policy developments and their impact on the fertiliser industry, future outlook and fertiliser status in major markets. It addressed issues related to future prospects as well as global developments in the fertiliser and food security markets.