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23 December 2018

Within the framework of the ongoing cooperation between GPIC and the higher educational institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and in order to reach out to the students, the Agri-Nutrients Committee participated in the Third Agricultural Education Exhibition which was inaugurated by H.E. Dr. Majid Bin Ali Al Nuaimi, Minister of Education. The exhibition, organized by the Bahrain Training Institute under the theme "Sustainability of Agriculture, Sustainability of Life", theme was held from 9- 11 December 2018.

During the opening ceremony, H.E. the Minister took a tour of the exhibition accompanied by a number of officials at the Bahrain Training Institute, where he visited the Company's pavilion, inspected its contents and listened to a brief explanation of the Company's activities and the nature of its work in the petrochemical and fertilizer industry. The Company is keen on supporting the environment and supporting various programs and projects implemented by the community organizations on various occasions. H.E. the Minister praised the Company's leadership in the field of environmental support and praised the important role played by the Company in spreading the collective awareness on the protection of the environment and the preservation of its essential elements from waste and the preservation of its resources from waste consumption.

H.E. the Minister praised the projects carried out by the Company within its industrial complex. He also praised the close cooperation and active partnership between the Company and the Ministry in many fields, including the environmental research competition and the green wave campaign offered to public and private schools.

H.E explained that the Ministry is continuing its efforts to encourage agriculture, increase green spaces in schools, improve the school environment by providing educational gardens in all schools, adopting agricultural materials, and implementing several projects, Requirements for agricultural skills, and their practical application in school gardens.

At the end of his tour, H.E. the Minister of Education expressed his great admiration for the contents of the exhibition. He expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Management of the Company for participating in this important event which comes in support of the Kingdom's efforts in supporting sustainability issues.

Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, President of the Company, expressed his thanks and appreciation to His Excellency the Minister for touring the pavilion held by the Company on the sidelines of the exhibition, which confirms the keenness of the Company's Management to extend bridges of cooperation and communication with various universities, higher scientific institutions and schools. To achieve the interests of the students and provide them with the skills required and to shape the future that our students look forward to in order to contribute to the country's development and development because they are the foundation of the future and its expected hope.

Dr. Jawahery appreciated the existing and exemplary cooperation between the company and the Ministry, where the Company supports the programs and events organized by the Ministry to serve the students, and the Company is keen to provide many of the various training opportunities offered within its industrial complex including its modern academy, which offers the latest training programs available and Benefiting many students from schools, institutes and universities who had opportunities to train at the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company.

The President of the Company expressed his interest in supporting this important event, which he stressed is an annual activity for many interested participants as it helps introduce the institute's trainees and school and university students to the latest developments in the agricultural field, stressing that the company will continue to support such important events.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, the Bahrain Training Institute (BTI) will hold a number of lectures on agricultural aspects, which will be presented by specialists and will address many important topics, including the future of water and agriculture in Bahrain, plant production and climate change. , And the basics of agriculture.

GPIC is very interested in the environment and sustainability issues. It is one of the largest and most environmentally friendly fertilizer companies in the region. The Company works to provide the means by which it can establish an effective community environmental culture so that it can effectively contribute to protecting the environment. To ensure that this vital industrial sector plays an important role in shaping the environment and keeping pace with rapid development.