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18 April 2018

Bahrain Free Labour Union Federation Secretary-General and a member of the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company Labour Union Mr. Osama Salman has won a seat on the Arab Labour Organization Board for a two-year term until 2020.

His elevation came during the 45th Arab Labour Conference held in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, from April 8 to 15.

GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery expressed pride at the Company's Bahraini cadres who, he said, have proved their competence and capabilities not only in terms of professional work, but also in other areas related to the nature of the Company's work.

Dr. Jawahery applauded Mr. Osama and Bahrain Free Labour Union Federation Chairman Mr. Yaqoob Yousef, and their contribution to upgrading mechanisms at the Company’s Labour Union. He said they have repeatedly demonstrated their loyalty to work and helped in building the Company.

He said Mr. Yaqoob, in particular, had set very high standards in accordance with the Company’s high principles, which had contributed to ensuring compatibility between those involved to improve performance and productivity and achieve job satisfaction.

Dr. Jawahery wished success to Mr. Osama during his tenure and hoped he would achieve his objectives and continue to provide technical assistance to members.

Mr. Salman thanked Dr. Jawahery and said he is proud of being associated with GPIC, which, he added, had contributed to building his personality and supporting his approach to Labour Union work. He said the Company had also provided him with many opportunities to enhance his abilities. He also thanked members of the Arab Labour Organization for their confidence in Bahrain and its cadres.

He said he will work on harnessing his experience in Labour Union work to serve the organization's objectives and enhancing the important role it plays for the labour sector in the Arab world, especially in relation to the development and maintenance of trade union rights and freedom.

The Arab Labour Organization was established on January 12, 1965. It is based in Cairo and includes all the Arab countries as members. It seeks to develop labour legislation in member countries and work to unify and improve working conditions in member states, while ensuring an appropriate working environment.

The idea of establishing the Arab Labour Organization was embodied after the accession of some Arab countries to the International Labour Organization and participation in its various conferences and activities.