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18 March 2018

Several employees at the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company have been promoted as part of the Company’s policy.

Company President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery has issued a decree to the effect.

The promotions are part of an ambitious plan to prepare the work force to assume leadership and supervisory positions.

The following are the new promotions:
Mr. Mohamed Al Issa has been promoted to Fire and Safety Superintendent (Designate); Mr. Mohamed Al Masqati to Senior Turnaround Planning Engineer (Acting); Mr. Hassan Ali Ibrahim to Senior Warehouse Supervisor (Acting), Mr. Mohamed Sanad Mohamed to Utilities Shift Supervisor; Mr. Majeed Al Ali to Senior Shift Supervisor and Mr. Ali Al Rayes to Fire and Safety Supervisor.

In a statement, Dr. Jawahery expressed pride at the newly-promoted staff and reiterated his confidence in Bahrainis working at the Company. He stressed they are appreciated and the Management are proud of their achievements. He said the Company is keen to take care of all its employees and provide all means for their development and promotion.

He said the Company will not stop providing specialized training programmes for local staff in addition to providing programmes that develop its personal skills and leadership and which prepares them for further promotions to assume administrative and leadership positions.

Dr. Jawahery said the Company believes that the development of human resources is an essential element and that it is the best investment that they can have. He said this will, in turn, reflect positively on the Company's performance in all aspects and fields, in addition to its continuity in success and development.

"There will be permanent challenges, and the best way to overcome them depends on the efficiency of the manpower we train and develop," he said. He added the Company is committed to an ambitious programme in the field of training and development, through which it aims to train and develop the competencies of employees by providing them the best training programmes and engaging them in various courses and workshops both within the Company or sending them abroad.

The President said employees who are promoted are those who are experienced and efficient and have worked very hard to develop themselves and have benefitted from the available training opportunities.

He said they have deserved these promotions on merit and noted the high level of programmes provided by the Company’s Academy of Leadership and Learning.

He said the state-of-the-art equipment and software in use at the Academy has been developed by the most experienced trainers. The centre has already hosted many students and staff who have received specialized courses.

Dr. Jawahery exhorted the promoted employees to continue their efforts with dedication and assured them the Company would continue to provide them with the latest facilities.

The promoted employees thanked the Board of Directors for its continuous encouragement and constant care. They also thanked members of the Executive Management, headed by Dr. Jawahery and reiterated their determination to double efforts to meet the requirements of their new positions.