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09 December 2018

The Social Activities Committee of the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) has begun a two-month Campaign to collect clothes and donate them to the needy.

The Campaign, which coincides with the onset of the winter, is aimed to promote solidarity among all members of the society and strengthen social cohesion.

The Campaign has seen good response from Company employees who volunteered to take part. Large donation boxes have been allocated within the Company's complex to collect high-quality clothing.

GPIC President said he was pleased at the response of the employees and their efforts to take part in initiatives that serve the community.

Dr. Jawahery said the Campaign helped the needy in the society by providing good and surplus clothes, stressing that it is a good humanitarian initiative that promotes the spirit of brotherhood and alleviates the suffering needy families.

He praised the commitment of the Company's employees to social responsibility, stressing that it is now a major concept of business, especially in light of increasing awareness of social and humanitarian issues.

The President thanked all the employees and their families for the gesture which he added is the embodiment of the concept of social responsibility the company is committed to and is considered one of the most important elements of its success.

He stressed the company played a prominent role in supporting various sectors of civil society and its various institutions and implemented initiatives that benefited individuals, associations and clubs, while contributing to the company and leaving a positive impact on society in general.