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26 August 2018

The Social Activities committee of Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) organized a celebration for the employees and their families on the third day of Eid Al Adha at the company’s club. Competitions and other activities were organised for those attending.

In his comments, Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, GPIC President said that organizing such an event comes within the company's keenness to provide a pleasant family atmosphere between employees and their families, which helps maintain cohesion and creates a homely atmosphere between families of employees.

He said it also strengthens social ties between employees.
Dr. Jawahery praised the arrangements made for the celebration and applauded the efforts of the Social Activities Committee’s chairman and members as well as all those who contributed to its success.

Employees expressed their thanks and gratitude to the management which, they said, is keen to organize these annual celebrations. They said these create an atmosphere away from work and contributes to revitalize the lives of employees.