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01 August 2018

Children taking part in the GPIC Summer Camp attended a specialized training course on First Aid to enhance their safety and awareness.

The course aimed at educating children on the principles and basics of First Aid and areas requiring First Aid to save lives until necessary medical help arrived.

It also focussed on the basics of First Aid and rescue, training on CPR for different age groups, as well as how to deal with fractures, burns, wounds, bleeding and heat stress in a simple and easy way and according to US National Safety Council standards.

Commenting on the course, Company President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery thanked the Chairman and members of the Social Activities Committee for organizing the activity, which, he said, reflected their keenness on the safety of the staff members during their participation in the activities and programmes included in the camp.

GPIC has been running the annual camp since 2005 for the children of its employees. The programme includes activities for children between six and 14 years old and aim to develop students' intellectual and cultural skills and expand their awareness in a safe environment that allows them to interact with their peers under the supervision of specialists.