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26 September 2018

The Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) sponsored a group of students from local universities to participate in the 9th Fertilizer Conference of the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) in the Omani capital, Muscat.

This came in line with the Company’s continuous support for the government’s vision, which is focused on developing the Kingdom of Bahrain’s young generation in various sectors.

GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery said as part of its policy to serve the Bahraini community, the Company have set up an ambitious community service programme. He added that this initiative aims to prepare the young people's expertise and cadres that the country needs in order to continue the process of growth, prosperity and active participation in society.

Dr. Jawahery said the students were selected from Bahrain Polytechnic and Bahrain’s Universities, stressing that the Company's ambitious programme includes providing training and qualification opportunities to all students.

He said all the plans put have the blessings of the Company's Board of Directors, which placed social responsibility on the list of priorities.

"We firmly believe in the importance of knowledge sharing through the integration of academic study with practical and scientific experiences,” said Dr. Jawahery. “This has a great role to play in building a general culture for this group of society that receives its theoretical knowledge in universities.”

He said such initiatives provide opportunities for them to enhance what they are studying, increase their knowledge base, provide them with a closer look at the environment and business locations, and learn about the experiences of others.

Dr. Jawahery said the Company is working hard to strengthen its contacts with various academic institutions in Bahrain such as universities, institutes and schools, and coordinate with them to implement appropriate training programmes designed to engage students effectively to inform them of standards and procedures as well as contribute to the expansion of their knowledge and skills.

The students expressed their happiness at the opportunity, which allowed them to know what the fertilizer sector offered to the food industry and the important roles played by Gulf countries in supporting and developing it.

They said they benefitted from their presence at the event, where they listened to speeches and interventions during conference sessions. They also learnt about specialized companies that have introduced their latest tools and equipment used in the rapidly evolving industry.

The students expressed their thanked and appreciated GPIC and Dr. Jawahery for their sponsorship, which reflects the Company's interest in their welfare and its keenness to develop their professional careers.