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28 March 2018

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery honoured Company employee Mr. Khalifa Yousif Saad from the Logistics Services Section of the Human Resources Department, after he received a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management from AMA International University.

Dr. Jawahery congratulated Mr. Khalifa and praised his diligence and determination study for a university degree. He said the Executive Management was proud of not only his degree but also for the excellence he had shown during his achievement.

Dr. Jawahery said the Company supports its employees and encourages them to continue their education. Their children are also provided scholarships. He said GPIC takes great interest in human resources development as an important factor in building the Country’s future.

Dr. Jawahery stressed the importance of employees seeing to acquire the skills and knowledge that would support and assist in carrying out their assigned tasks efficiently. He said this would also contribute to the development of methods, bases and skills of administrative leadership and create a positive attitude, while updating them in accordance with different variables.

He said the Company is also working to provide comprehensive training programmes and co-ordinating with other companies to identify training needs and find the best ways to achieve quality.

Dr. Jawahery stressed the Company's commitment to the strategy of developing and training all employees and giving them the opportunity to reach top positions. He noted the support of the Board of Directors as well.

Mr. Khalifa thanked the Management for the honour, especially Dr. Jawahery who he described as a keen supporter of education and development in the Company, and one who encouraged everyone.

He called on his colleagues to work hard and to never stop learning. He said scientific developments are accelerating and no one should set a limit on age or circumstances. He said one must be kept informed about all the latest developments. He said he hoped to have the opportunity to apply everything he learned during his study in the Company that gave it his best.

GPIC shows great interest in the development of its human cadres, which it regards as an important criterion for success. The Company is keen to provide technical staff with high efficiency professional specifications, which is a catalyst for its success.

This helps in GPIC achieving its objectives of sustainability in line with its strategies.