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12 November 2018

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery has applauded the initiative of His Majesty the King to set up the King Hamad Chair for Interfaith Dialogue at the University of Sapienza in Rome, Italy.

In a statement, Dr. Jawahery said there is no doubt that His Majesty’s gesture comes as part of his many contributions towards highlighting the importance of spreading security and peace through dialogue, and searching for common ground.

He said His Majesty believes dialogue between religions and among different cultures is an indication of progress within societies. It is a real guarantee of world peace and security; it helps promote values that unite nations, and gives them a mutual respect and understanding.

Dr. Jawahery stressed the keen vision of His Majesty in this regard and said his wisdom had realized the importance of interfaith dialogue. He said such a dialogue is a positive and significant reflection of peace and security in the world. It also rejects violence and war, and supports the fight against poverty, the protection of the environment and the preservation of human dignity.

Dr. Jawahery said that as Muslims, we are guided to adopt dialogue. The Kingdom of Bahrain is a peaceful country and has always called for and worked to spread the values of tolerance, dialogue and coexistence.

In this context, His Majesty is seeking to promote and share the Bahraini experience in peaceful coexistence between sects, religions and cultures to the rest of the whole world.

Dr. Jawahery stressed that the Kingdom of Bahrain can be viewed as a model of coexistence. “This Country, despite its small geographical size and small population compared to other countries, has established an amazing model of coexistence, dialogue and interfaith respect. Our unique Kingdom has a long heritage of different origins, ethnicities and religions. However, it experiences an exceptional state of peaceful coexistence and acceptance of others.”

The University of Sapienza is one of the oldest universities on the European continent and was founded in 1303. It has also produced several Nobel peace laureates.

Dr. Jawahery praised His Majesty’s initiative as a major step towards the promotion of peace. He said dialogue is one of the major ways to peacefully coexist between religions, cultures and civilizations.