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12 February 2018

The Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) hosted a joint meeting between senior officials of its Compliance and Cyber Security Departments and senior officials of the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC).

GPIC General Manager Manufacturing Mr. Fadhel Al Ansari led the GPIC delegation, which also consisted of Chief Internal Auditor Mr. Omar Al Bastaki; Technical Support Supervisor Mr. Reza Ammari; Instrumentation and Control Controller Mr. Abdulaziz Al Mahmoud and Technical Support Specialist Mr. Khalid Jamsheer.

The GPIC team was briefed on the latest regulations and effectiveness of the information systems. Participants were also informed about the best possible means to keep pace with security and technical operations to tackle risks that could compromise corporate information.

Commenting on the occasion, GPIC President Dt. Abdulrahmen Jawahery praised GPIC's keenness to take advantage of the most advanced means available in the information security systems. He said it were necessary to keep abreast of all the latest and advanced methods of security to protect information and to continue to control, while striving for solutions and innovations.

He thanked and appreciated SABIC for its continued cooperation and coordination, as well as its interest in offering their expertise and experience.

SABIC today is one of the world's largest petrochemical companies and the largest non-oil industrial company on the regional map.

Dr. Jawahery stressed that the GPIC would continue to adopt the best management systems and strategies to develop performance at all levels and would ensure its employees’ commitment to develop their information, abilities and skills to prepare them to meet their job requirements.

He said GPIC would also continue to strive to achieve its stated objectives along with its commitment to continuous improvement and development through to achieve excellence in all business operations, especially with regard to management systems.

He explained the company has enhanced its sustainable development objectives and key performance indicators and said measurement through management standards is one of the most effective tools to continue to improve.

He said GPIC has received the ISO 27001 Quality Management System certification and, in recent years, has witnessed growth in production, which has resulted in record rates not only in terms of production, operation and export, but also in the field of maintenance and occupational safety, making it an example of clean and successful industry in the region.

SABIC is a major shareholder in the GPIC along with the Kuwait’s Petrochemical Industries Company (KPC).