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06 May 2018

As part of its comprehensive regular maintenance work carried out this month, the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) involved students now under training at the Company to review all steps and procedures and the requirements of the operations.

This was done so that the students could take advantage of the Company’s experience in the field of comprehensive maintenance of the Company's facilities and plants.

The maintenance was carried out in cooperation with experts from within and outside Bahrain.

GPIC attracts many skilled and experienced manpower in this field and brings in all necessary mechanisms and spare parts, a task that can be completed with the help of large and specialized companies.

As part of the process, a series of sensitive tests, including testing the Ammonia and Methanol reactors are carried out, in addition to the refurbishment of the Urea reactor and its high-pressure tubes.

This was also an opportunity to train and enrich trainees about maintenance work in general and the methods of examination in particular.

It also served to enhance their basic competencies and complement what they had learnt at the Academy of Leadership and Learning.

Officials in charge of the training identified procedures and trained the students on how to benefit from the maintenance operations. The students also participated in studying the details of the work procedures and their follow up.

They took part in meetings related to the steps and procedures of the maintenance process and identified the importance of these operations both in terms of strengthening the work in plants and maintenance of existing equipment, as well as in terms of monitoring the procedures of security and safety and the protection of the environment.

The Academy of Leadership and Learning gave the trainees intensive courses and practical training during the months preceding periodic maintenance. These courses included induction programmes for the Company's security and safety rules and regulations, evacuation and emergency plans, firefighting systems and how to deal with chemicals and hazardous materials.

GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery said that the participation of the University students was a good opportunity for practical training and for them to get acquainted with the details of these huge operations.

He said it gave them the opportunity to acquire the necessary information, skills and expertise that would enable them to perform their work in the future and would enrich information and develop their abilities.

He added the trainees would get to know the important aspects of teamwork, which increases efficiency and productivity.

Dr. Jawahery said the trainees were asked to submit a report and a summary of all what they had learnt and the new information and skills they had gained in the field. This, he said, was to make them more effective and productive and how to deal with the surrounding pressures and challenges at work.