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15 October 2018

A Sudanese Trade Union delegation was received at the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC).

The visitors, led by Sudan’s General Union of Trade Unions Executive Council member Mr. Abdul Baki A Nur Al-Madame, was received by a members of the Executive Management, senior officials and GPIC Labour Union representatives.

In a statement, Company President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery spoke of the Sudanese Trade Unionists’ role and its experience in important activities. He also applauded its role in safeguarding the interests of workers and its desire to strengthen Trade Union experience through visits to Arab countries.

Dr. Jawahery stressed the importance of continuing cooperation and coordination among Arab Labour Unions as a support for all efforts aimed at improving the level of workers in the Arab world and preserving their rights.

He stressed the need for unionists to adhere to the interests of their respective countries saying stability is one of the most important factors in maintaining uninterrupted work. He recalled the position taken by the Company’s Labour Union during the exceptional circumstances Bahrain witnessed and said they should stay away from the political and party affiliations as well as private interests.

The visiting delegation saw GPIC’s plants and facilities, where they learnt about the stages of manufacturing and export. They also learnt about the environmental projects within the complex and the Company’s stress on environmental issues. They expressed admiration at the various environmental and charitable initiatives that the Company is building within its industrial complex.

The delegation later visited the Company's club and learnt about the services provided to employees as well as various sports and educational programmes for employees and their families. A luncheon was then hosted in their honour.

Mr. Al-Madame thanked Dr. Jawahery and officials for the welcome and the hospitality and said the visit gave them an opportunity to learn about one of the most modern petrochemical companies in the Arab region.

They said they also learnt about the freedom of forming Trade Unions and were impressed with GPIC’s example at various levels, which has made the Company a distinguished industrial entity.

Sudan is considered one of the oldest for Labour Union activities in the Arab world. It was in 1908 that unionists first demanded improvement in the working conditions and the environment.

In 1946, the first labour magazine was published in the name of the Sudanese worker. It was the first spark for Trade Union organizations in their modern form. A law for labour and workers was implemented in 1948. With this, the Sudanese Trade Union movement gained legitimacy and held its first labour conference which authorized the Trade Unions. It culminated in the formation of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Sudan in November 1950.