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19 August 2018

A specialist course to train Bahraini engineers and operators to commission the UF-85 (Urea Formaldehyde) plant later this year, has concluded at the Leadership and Learning Academy of the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC).

Mr. Yasser Alabbasi General Manager Manufacturing presented certificates to participants and applauded their efficiency during the training period. He said this confirms their ability and enhances their confidence.

Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, GPIC President said that the GPIC continues to work on its expansion with encouragement from the Board of Directors. He said they would continue to expand the company's operations to maximize production and profits. He added they are keen to look for the best means to regulate the consumption of raw materials by optimizing the use of resources.

Speaking about the new 22 metric tonnes per day plant, Dr. Jawahery said the structural and mechanical work had been completed and the facility should would be up and running by October.

Dr. Jawahery said training engineers and operators is in line with their plan to build a professional team that has the ability to operate such a sophisticated plant and who would contribute to meet the company’s needs. Urea Formaldehyde was earlier imported through the King Fahd Causeway and involved environmental and health risks in case of leakage. It was, therefore, considered important to set up such a plant within the complex.

Dr. Jawahery highlighted the importance of the project to support the company’s sustainability policy in addition to the job opportunities for Bahrainis. He said the company’s future growth is closely related to growth in urea production, with demand expected to increase by around 2.3%.

Dr. Jawahery thanked all those who contributed to the setting up and operation of the plant, stressing it would enhance its growth and support its success.

The plant’s absorption column, one of the plant’s critical parts, has been manufactured in Bahrain by “Ramses Company”, which confirms the GPIC's support for efficient local industries as well as their commitment to international standards.