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22 January 2018

A joint Committee of the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) Executive Management and its Labour Union held its first meeting of the year, presided over by Company President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery. Labour Union Chairman Mr. Yaqoob Yousef was also present.

Congratulating the participants on the New Year, Dr. Jawahery expressed the hope 2018 would be a year of prosperity for the Company and its employees. He also thanked the members of the Executive Management, the Labour Union and all employees for their dedication and commitment to the one-family spirit, which, he said, had a significant impact on its achievements and profits, in addition to it winning local, regional and global awards.

Dr. Jawahery said the Company’s achievements in 2017 were due to the combined efforts of all and resulted in a significant reduction in spending and an increase in production, despite the challenges of the global petrochemical industry. He said during the same period, GPIC was also able to exceed all production targets, when the total combined production of Urea, Methanol and Ammonia reached 1,604,725 metric tons.

Dr. Jawahery said the Company winning the awards was also the result of all employees working together, which resulted in it winning the Queen Elizabeth II Safety Award for the Gold category, instituted by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

The Company also won the Saudi Arabia Award for Environmental Management in the Islamic World in the private sector as well as the Arab Social Responsibility Award in the best companies of the Arab world category.

Dr. Jawahery applauded the management of the Labour Union and said it was working for the good of the Company and displaying a high level of unity and energy in facing the challenges and difficulties. He said the work of the Labour Union ensures the compatibility between various sections to improve performance and productivity.

Union officials thanked the Chairman and the Board of Directors for all the privileges it gives to employees. They thanked Dr. Jawahery for his for all the Union’s activities and for his balanced leadership, which contributed to a comfortable working environment for all workers.

The Union pledged to continue working in the same way in 2018 and called upon all employees to continue with their co-operation and understanding with the Executive Management.