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08 October 2019

A delegation of heads of companies and senior officials from South Korea, now visiting the Kingdom of Bahrain, were welcomed at the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC), where they learnt about its operations and products.

Plants Operations Manager Mr. Khalid Al-Binali, who received the visitors along with members of the Executive Management, gave them a briefing on GPIC’s work systems, its operations and high-quality products, exported to the world’s largest markets.

The visitors were also briefed on GPIC complying with international standards of occupational health and safety as well as environmental care. They were told about the initiatives launched by the company to care for the elements of sustainability and the development of human resources, which have contributed to it being in a distinguished position.

In a statement, GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery stressed the visit, organised by the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, would strengthen closer bilateral relations between the company and South Korea in the important strategic area.

He said such visits contribute to both sides becoming aware of investment opportunities in addition to advanced training programmes offered by the institutions in both countries. He said this was also an opportunity to discuss increased cooperation and integration, especially through conferences.

Dr. Jawahery praised the historical and friendly relations between Bahrain and South Korea and said both leaderships have maintained their growth and development through cooperation, especially in the economic field, which has been reinforced by the exchange of visits between leaders and officials.

The visiting delegation was acquainted with the nature of the company's work and the strategy in which its business is run, especially with regard to global safety, quality and environmental protection.

The guests learnt about the training programmes and activities offered by the Learning and Leadership Academy and the e-learning Centre as well as the academy’s contribution in the continuous education process to the company's employees and in providing practical training programmes for university students and higher academic institutions. 

The visitors saw the modern technologies and advanced education and training methods offered and stressed the existence of such a facility speaks about the attention the company pays to staff training and care for the employees.

The visiting delegation later toured the environmental projects within the complex that reflect the harmony between the industry and the environment. They also visited the charity fish farm and the bird sanctuary.

The delegation members thanked Dr. Jawahery and members of the executive management for the welcome and the hospitality and said they had common ground on the success and continuity of institutions, including maintaining safety, health and environmental standards, as well as adherence to the principles of social responsibility.

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