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06 October 2019

The Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) employees took part in elections to elect members to its Labour Union Board Members. A total of 19 candidates were in the fray for seven seats.

The voting process took place smoothly and it was organised smoothly after appropriate arrangements were made by the trade union in cooperation and coordination with the company Management.

Representatives of the Bahrain Free Trade Union Federation, its Vice President and Assistant Secretary General Mr. Basim Siyadi, were present.

The following were declared the winners: Tarek Ahmed Al Mazlouk (229 votes), Abdullatif Mohammed Shweiter (179 votes), Yacoub Youssef (156 votes), Elham Janahi (155 votes), Ghassan Abdullah Al-Rayes (153 votes), Yousef Mohammed Al-Bastaki (149 votes), Hamad Mubarak Al-Mubarak (144 votes). Jamal Abdul Hamid Al-Kooheji (136 votes) and Adel Adnan Al-Mirbati (120 votes) were elected as reserve members.

In a statement, GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery congratulated the winners and applauded the success of the voting process, characterized by transparency, and which took place with a commitment and participation of the company's workers, who recognised the importance of the services provided by the union and a voice that represents their interests. 

Dr. Jawahery conveyed the greetings and appreciation of His Excellency the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of the company, who confirmed that the company would continue to provide care and attention to workers’ issues and provide all support to upgrade them. He also congratulated the new members of the Board of Directors.

The president of thanked and appreciated the Chairman and members of the Election Committee for their efforts to prepare and arrange for the voting process, which took place in a professional and transparent manner.

Chairman of the Election Committee Mr. Mohamed Khalil Boussif thanked Dr. Jawahery for all the support and support and guidance that led to the elections being conducted in the best possible manner befitting the name and status of the workers union.

He said employees showed great commitment to participate in the polling and came early on polling day to participate. He congratulated the winners and wished them success in the service of employees. He thanked his colleagues in the Election Committee for their efforts and expressed appreciation for the representatives of the Bahrain Free Labour Union Federation for their keenness to attend and supervise the election process.

The representatives of the Bahrain Free Labour Union Federation expressed their happiness with the process and thanked all those who participated. They also thanked and appreciated the company management, which spared no effort to provide the necessary support to the union, its understanding of the union role and importance in enhancing the spirit of teamwork between the employees and the administration. 

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