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27 October 2019

The United Kingdom’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) has invited GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery to visit the House of Lords in London as guest of honour.

The invitation came from ROSPA Vice President H.E. Lord Bill Jordan in recognition of Dr. Jawahery’s outstanding professional achievements and contributions to the society's programmes.

In a statement, Dr. Jawahery said he is honoured and thanked Lord Jordan for the invitation. He said this is testimony to the fact that ROSPA appreciates GPIC’s active role and a commitment to its principles, mission and objectives.

He said it were this that enabled the company received two ROSPA awards this for its outstanding role in the field of safety, health and safe practices in the chemical industry. These awards were won in competition with 3,000 companies from around the world.

Dr. Jawahery said his being hosted at the House of Lords is huge appreciation for the company he represents. He said this is due to GPIC’s commitment to adhere to the principles of occupational safety and the Board of Directors’ balanced policies. He said the board strives to maintain GPIC’s excellence and achievements in the field.

He said company employees give priority to maintaining excellence of the company in all areas of safety and GPIC is honoured to receive the highest and most prestigious international awards related to safety, especially the annual ROSPA awards.

“We are very proud of the top awards we have won in succession and this confirms the soundness of our policies and strategies,” said Dr. Jawahery. He said GPIC is now a prominent role in promoting principles that would further improve operations. 

He said the company is working with the Bahrain community in promoting safety as well as in its own operations, with the aim that safe practices would become normal behavior.

Dr. Jawahery said this latest honour will motivate everyone to continue to work hard to bring more awards and enhance GPIC's record of achievements. He said everyone would continue to make efforts to maintain the company’s high level in all fields, especially in the application of occupational safety and health.

GPIC has won two ROSPA awards this year, both of which were received by Dr. Jawahery during a ceremony under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and in the presence of Lord Jordon. 

The Gold Award was in recognition of the GPIC’s outstanding safety achievements since the company joined the society 25 years ago, outperforming the world's leading companies. The award for the chemical industry for health and safety practices is internationally recognized for being one of the most prestigious.

GPIC has built a solid foundation for a global corporate culture in the field of health, safety and environmental protection and has achieved 8,353 working days without any lost time accident, which is equivalent to more than 30 million hours. 

This is, in itself, a remarkable achievement, not only in terms of the record but also considering the safety culture as normal behavior and maintaining employees’ safety because they are the foundation of sustainable development and its real wealth.

GPIC has won most awards in the field of occupational safety and health. These have come from the most prestigious international institutions concerned with safety, including ROSPA and the United States’ National Safety Council (NEBOSH).

The House of Lords is the upper house of the British Parliament and is charged with enacting laws. Its mandate is to study bills passed by the House of Commons in addition to amending them. 

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