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17 October 2019

The Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) hosted delegates taking part in the Middle East Operations Engineering Conference and Exhibition (MEPEC 2019). The event was held at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre from October 14 to 16.

Human Resources and Corporate Communication Manager Ms. Najat Sharif, welcomed the visitors to the company complex and told them about its operations and achievements in the field of production, operation and export. She highlighted GPIC's plans and programmes on preserving the environment, occupational safety and health and briefed the guests on the company's management style, which enabled it to get international acclaim and win awards.

The visitors were also briefed on the company’s vision and principles as well as its management systems. The company’s strong support in the area of sustainability sponsorship and community partnership was highlighted.

The guests also learned about the education and training services at the Leadership and Learning Academy and the e-learning center, as part of efforts to enhance the continuous learning process of employees, university students and higher academic institutions. 

The guests said the existence of such a training facility within the company's complex confirms the attention paid to the training staff and to acquaint them with the latest technology and knowledge.

The visiting delegation toured the complex and saw the manufacturing facilities and the environmental projects that reflects the harmony between the industry and the environment. They went to the HRH Princess Sabeeka Garden for Aromatic Plants, and then visited the Medicinal Herbs an Plant Garden, which the company has set up to preserve the rare medicinal herbs used in the past for therapeutic purposes. They then went to the Charity Fish Farm, which reflects the company's interest in preserving and caring for marine wealth.

In a statement, company President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery stressed the visit was an appropriate opportunity to inform the delegation about the nature of the company’s work and the development of its factories and facilities. He said the visit was an opportunity for the company to showcase its quality products, as well as its contributions to the field of sustainable development.

Dr. Jawahery stressed the importance of hosting the conference, a platform for all aspects of engineering issues related to the operations of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. He appreciated the event organizers and spoke of the importance of the event for the oil industry. He said it were an occasion to communicate effectively with prominent oil industry professionals in the region and beyond.

The visitors thanked the GPIC officials for the welcome and the hospitality, stressing they were delighted at the visit, which allowed them to get acquainted with the development of Bahrain’s industry in general and the GPIC in particular. 

They expressed admiration at the unique environmental projects, which confirm the company's commitment towards a clean industry.

Middle East Energy Events and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers have been organizing this global event since 2011, in cooperation and coordination with NOGA and with the support of Saudi Aramco. 

Around 3,500 participants, including researchers, officials and executives, as well as engineers, specialists, businessmen and investors in the process engineering and oil and gas technology sector, universities from Bahrain, the Gulf Cooperation Council States and the Middle East took part.

The 8000 square meter exhibition also attracted more than 500 national and international oil and gas companies and refining and petrochemical companies from 50 countries.

The conference and exhibition is held every two years under the patronage of His Royal Highness and discusses the efficiency and performance in oil, gas and petrochemicals sectors and looks at how to add quality to the process engineering industry through intelligent engineering as well as manufacturing and operating excellence.

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