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10 February 2019

Minister of Health H.E. Ms. Faeqa bint Saeed Al Saleh visited the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC), accompanied by experts from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The delegation was received by Company President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery who said the visit would strengthen the close relationship with the Ministry, especially since GPIC is committed to health promotion issues in general and environmental health in particular.

Dr. Jawahery said Bahrain and all its institutions are keen to adhere to WHO principles and recommendations, as it is evident from the development of its health sector.

Dr. Jawahery spoke about the Company's experience in applying occupational safety and health standards, saying that it has a unique record in the field and that it has spared no effort to invest in the health and safety of its staff at work. He said GPIC has achieved the highest rates of safety and health in all stages of manufacturing and production.

He said the Company is making the most of its resources in all its operations, including issues related to water, energy and raw materials, to reduce waste generated by the manufacturing processes. In the process it ensures its facilities are more considerate and friendlier on the environment. He stressed strict compliance with the legislative and regulatory environmental requirements is integral to all Company policies.

He said the Company also carries out activities that raise environmental awareness among the community such as an environmental research programme, environmental awareness lectures for schools, and the green wave campaign in cooperation with the United Nations to expand the green area in schools.

He spoke of GPIC’s achievements and the record of continuous work hours without a lost time accident. This, he said, is an indication of the Company's strictness in the management of safety and health and the attention paid by its management and employees to issues of occupational safety.

Dr. Jawahery accompanied H.E. the Minister and her delegation on a tour of the plant and briefed them on the training programmes offered by the Leadership and Learning Academy and the eLearning Centre, which also contribute to the continuous education of the Company's employees and offer practical training for university students and higher academic institutions.

H.E. the Minister praised the cooperation with GPIC regarding the implementation of Bahrain’s National Health Plan, which is based on a preventive strategy aimed at preserving the health of society in all its sectors.

H.E. the Minister later planted a tree to commemorate her visit and to support the Company’s environmental orientation. The visitors were also treated to a luncheon at the Company’s club.

H.E. the Minister thanked Dr. Jawahery and the management for the hospitality and noted the attention the Company pays to production and quality processes as well as and occupational safety and health in all stages of work. This, she said, has led to its excellence. She also praised the Company’s advanced training programmes for employees and others.

H.E. the Minister said the visit enabled her to learn more about GPIC's excellence in community work, its continuous support for community events, sustainability, occupational health and the environment and to instill a sense of social responsibility among young people in particular.

The WHO delegation is currently visiting Bahrain to follow up on ways and means of implementing plans to combat disease and preventive programmes in environmental health.

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