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24 January 2019

The British Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) have selected Bahrain National Gas Company (BANAGAS) Chief Executive Dr. Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa and Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery as recipients of its Global Award, in recognition of their companies’ success in the fields of gas and petrochemicals.

ROSPA Chief Executive Officer H.E. Errol Taylor spoke of the success of Dr. Sheikh Mohammed and Dr. Jawahery and their commitment to the highest standards of safety, health and environmental protection. He said these principles are among the most important, noting the success of BANAGAS and GPIC deserve prestigious RoSPA awards, including the Sir George Earl Trophy.

"Since joining ROSPA 25 years ago, I have been aware of the inspirational leadership of BNAGAS and GPIC,” said Mr. Taylor. “These are not just two of the world's leading industrial enterprises in terms of their industrial and commercial activities but are also exemplary in their approach to safety, the environment and community service.’

He said ROSPA has now decided to invite the two to become their Award Ambassadors. “We have established this role to strengthen our relationship with the communities where we are present.” He said only a small number of individuals and institutions are qualified to carry out this role and responsibilities and will join a select group of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

ROSPA has a global community of seven million employees and their families, who work in organizations and companies in 32 countries around the world. “They are a tremendous force for good and can contribute to the highest standards of safety."

He said BANAGAS and GPIC have for many years recognized the importance to safety both at the workplace and within the wider community. "Together, we can save lives and work to prevent further casualties by sharing experiences on a larger scale."

ROSPA Vice President H.E. Lord Jordan of Bournville invited Dr. Sheikh Mohammed and Dr. Jawahery to attend a ceremony at Dubai’s Ritz Carlton Hotel, where a reception was organized in conjunction with the National Occupational Safety and Health Examination Board (NEBOSH). It was attended by dignitaries concerned with occupational safety issues as well as representatives of industrial companies around the world.

H.E. Lord Jordan expressed his admiration for the companies' ambition and their continued pursuit of awards by committing to high global standards and principles of occupational safety.

Dr. Sheikh Mohammed and Dr. Jawahery said that they were delighted at the recognition, which is a tribute not only to their companies, but also to the Bahraini industry.

They said ROSPA selecting them as Ambassadors was an honour and a source pride. They said they are determined to move forward with their companies' plans to raise their performance in the field of safety, health, environment and accident prevention, the administrative pillars on which all decisions are made.

They said the encouragement and support provided by the wise leadership to the management of the two companies enabled them to continue to achieve their successes at all levels.

They thanked Oil Minister H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa for his support, and said it had a major impact in preserving their gains in the areas of production, export and compliance with occupational safety and health regulations. They expressed pride in the policies of the two companies’ Boards of Directors and their keenness to follow up in the field of safety and accident prevention.

They also praised the successful human investment policy in the two human companies, which is responsible for their highly trained staff in safety, and their smooth operation throughout manufacturing and production stages.

BANAGAS and GPIC have won many awards from ROSPA as well as quality certificates in occupational health and safety management in the last 25 years.

ROSPA Awards are highly valued and widely sought after since they recognize companies’ achievements in health and safety management systems, including leadership and workforce participation practices.

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