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22 July 2019

Children of Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) employees, who are taking part in a summer camp organized by its Social Activities Committee, came on a field visit to the company to familiarize themselves with the place and nature of their parents' work.

The children also saw the company's operations and got to know the responsibilities of their parents, besides being briefed on the GPIC’s work environment, safety and security standards to maintain personal safety and environmental integrity.

The children visited the various environmental projects such as the fish farm, bird sanctuary, Princess Sabeeka Garden for Aromatic plants and the Olive Garden.

The visiting children said they were very happy at getting acquainted with the responsibilities of their parents and their role in the company’s success. They thanked the camp organisers for their keenness to schedule the useful visit.

In a statement, company President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery said the management is keen to provide all possible facilities to ensure the success of the annual programme to enhance the one family spirit and give employees the opportunity to spend their summer vacation in a comfortable and safe environment.

Dr. Jawahery praised the efforts of the Chairman and members of the Social Activities Committee and all those involved in these activities. He said organizing the camp took a lot of time and effort.

He said that participating in these activities encouraged students to experience new and useful things. He added the activities provide enjoyable times, a change from the daily stress, and allow participants to make new friends and develop their social skills.

Dr. Jawahery called on parents to ensure that their children are included in the programme because of its benefits, the most important being building self-confidence through interacting with others, gaining experience and improving their respect for themselves and others.

The GPIC started the summer camp programme in 2005. It includes activities for children in the age groups six to 14 years old. The programme is aimed at developing students’ intellectual and cultural skills and to expand their knowledge in a safe environment that allows them to interact with their peers under the supervision of a group of specialists.

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