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03 October 2019

GPIC has won the 2019 Arab Network for Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

The award ceremony was under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Salem bin Sultan bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Ras Al Khaimah Department of Civil Aviation Chairman. A large number of corporate leaders and heads of institutions interested in issues of social responsibility and guests were also present.

The award was presented to highlight GPIC’s efforts in the field of social and environmental activities and sustainable development and for its attention towards its social role and responsibilities that aim to reduce environmental damage resulting from operational processes.

Dr. Jawahery expressed pleasure at GPIC continuing to win awards in all areas, including in the field of social responsibility, which is considered as a pillar of success, and one of the most important components of work.

He stressed the company's excellence comes as a result of the support of the Chairman and the Board of Directors. He praised the continued efforts of the Executive Management, the Chairman and members of the Labour Union and all employees.

He said GPIC has already achieved a series of successive and honorable achievements, and winning this latest award only confirms the integrity of its approach and the accuracy of its strategic vision in the area of community service.

Dr. Jawahery praised the important role played by the Arab Network for Corporate Social Responsibility in supporting and promoting a commitment to sustainable development among government institutions and private companies, small and large, in the Arab world. He said the network, launched in 2004, has become one of the most important platforms for development and seeks to promote partnerships and launch prizes that are characterized by transparency and credibility.

Dr. Jawahery said winning the Network's awards enhances the company's position as a role model in fulfilling social responsibility for its active contribution in supporting various social and economic issues that will achieve social welfare of citizens and reduce increasing unemployment rates. He said the company pays great attention to training programmes of employees in all disciplines in accordance with the national industrial strategy, in addition to incorporating the principles of social responsibility and sustainability within its strategy.

He said GPIC is working to encourage employees to participate in activities that support society in conjunction with the successes on the economic level.

Network President and Chief Executive Officer H.E. Ms. Habiba Al Marashi praised company's leadership in the field of social responsibility by adopting the principles of this responsibility in its strategies.
H.E. Ms. Al Marashi expressed her great confidence in GPIC’s ability to continue its journey successfully as it follows a sound scientific approach in its performance, in addition to its ability to develop appropriate mechanisms, strategies and plans to upgrade its activities and strengthen its global position. 

She spoke of GPIC facing challenges successfully in the areas of safety, development and environmental protection and said it is a positive concept that companies and institutions should adopt through a responsible approach to the community and clear social initiatives.

“We recognize the ideal role that GPIC plays through its various programs that focus primarily on the development of the human element and preparing young people for success at the economic level, locally and globally.”

Supported by the Charter of the United Nations and recognized as the region's best practice in corporate social responsibility, the award, launched in 2008, has seen a tremendous response from all sectors around the world.

The Arab CSR Awards are the most accurate CSR systems in the world in the field of CSR and sustainability. Since its inception, the Arab CSR Awards and Forum has received the support of the United Nations Global Compact and CSR experts from prominent local and international organizations, during which the most important issues of corporate social responsibility and sustainability are discussed.

During the event, a case study of the leading CSR sector in the Arab world and elsewhere was presented. There was also the presence of many prominent international figures in the field of corporate social responsibility, as well as representatives from 23 different countries interested in social responsibility.

The event brought together some of the best thinkers and officials from the Arab world and abroad in the field of social responsibility to discuss the latest and most pressing issues related to sustainable development.

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