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29 July 2021

Dr. Jawahery: Moving forward, I look forward to the challenges this selection brings, and I thank GPCA members for their valuable trust

During the Annual General Assembly meeting of the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA), which was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, President of the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (GPIC), was selected Treasurer and representative of the three CEOs of the association’s new Board of Directors.

The session also witnessed the renewal of the election of His Excellency Eng. Yousef Al-Benyan as Chairman of the Board of Directors, while Dr. Muhammad Al-Mulla was chosen as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors.  

In a statement, Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery expressed his thanks and appreciation for all the support and assistance he received from the members of the Association’s Board of Directors during his tenure as Vice-Chairman.  He also expressed his gratitude for the confidence of the members during the General Assembly and his election as Treasurer, and a representative of the three CEOs in the esteemed council.

He added that GPCA has gained a very distinguished reputation at both regional and global levels, and was able to support the regional petrochemical sector to have productive cooperation with many relevant partners.  Dr. Jawahery pointed out the important role played by GPCA who have formulated policies and established regulations related to the chemicals and petrochemicals sector, to ensure sustainable growth and fulfill the social responsibility of this industry at the regional level.

Speaking about the role of the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) in supporting the goals of the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA), GPIC’s President said that GPIC is in fact one of the pillars of the petrochemical and fertilizer industries in the Gulf, and it employs advanced technologies to manufacture petrochemicals. The company has always been keen to enhance communication and participation with other GPCA member companies through the various platforms it has established.  This is in addition to the company's ongoing contribution to the exchange of information and experience to enhance the development of the chemical and petrochemical sector and related sectors in the Arabian Gulf region.

Dr. Jawahery concluded by expressing his confidence in the ability of the new GPCA Board of Directors to continue developing its business and activities, which have witnessed a steady expansion since its establishment.  He also thanked the Chairman and members of the GPIC's Board of Directors for their unlimited support to the company and its executive staff, which, thanks to their efforts, has become one of the most important companies not only in the Arab Gulf, but also in the world.

The Gulf Petrochemical and Chemical Association, which was established in 2006, includes more than 90% of petrochemical and chemical producers in the region, and is the first association of its kind in the Middle East. Its mission is to ensure a sustainable industrial renaissance that achieves prosperity and security for the people of the region.

The Gulf Petrochemical and Chemical Association is the representative body of the most respected petrochemical and chemical sector in the region and plays a key role in shaping international and regional policies, looking after the interests of companies and supporting them to achieve their aspirations. The Association also provides its members with several platforms and channels to meet and communicate to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences that will enhance their ability to grow and prosper.

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