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08 July 2021

Headed by Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, the Executive Management Team of Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company held an extensive virtual meeting with all the company’s employees and contractors, in the presence of members of the Labour Union’s Board of Directors, on Monday, 28 June 2021.

Dr. Jawahery began the meeting by thanking the employees for attending this important meeting, which is being held at the start of the return of all employees to their work sites.   More than a year has passed since the management asked employees to work from home, following the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic.   

The President conveyed the greetings of Their Excellencies the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors and conveyed their thanks to all employees and contractors for their commitment to following the directives of the Executive Management over the past 18 months, he said that the Board of Directors truly appreciate everyone’s professional commitment.

Following the recent Board Meeting, the President then briefed everyone on some Board Resolutions that were approved.  The Resolutions highlighted changes and promotions in the Executive Management Team and the President thanked the Executive Management Team and wished then every success moving forward.  

The President also thanked all the company’s employees for their commitment during the pandemic, as well as their response to the directives issued by the Executive Management Team.  These included a call to adhere to the preventive measures issued by the National Taskforce to combat the spread of the Corona Virus, limiting family gatherings and adhering to social distancing rules. These successful measures have greatly reduced the number of COVID-19 infections among contractors and employees. The President also thanked the Labour Union’s Board of Directors for all their support and cooperation with the Executive Management Team and their support for all the decisions taken by the management at the height of the health crisis.  

During the meeting, the President acknowledged the important role played by the Kingdom’s wise Leadership, and adding that their ongoing initiatives have always had the safety of citizens and residents as a top priority.   Bahrain’s Medical Team have been very successful in tackling COVID, which has seen a remarkable decrease that we are witnessing today in the number of infections. Dr. Jawahery said as the virus is now getting under control, that the time has come to maximize efforts so the company can return to achieving its record output and resume its active contribution to supporting the national economy.

At the start of the start of the pandemic, he continued, and in response to the prevailing conditions at that time, the company’s management decided to allow employees to work from home.  This was assuming the nature of their work allowed this, in a manner that maintains operational sustainability whilst always taking into consideration employee safety.  Dr. Jawahery thanked the great commitment demonstrated by GPIC’s workforce, which enable operations to be maintained in a safe and sustainable way and without interruption.

With the decrease in the number of people infected with the virus, Dr. Jawahery said the company's management would like all employees return to the workplace and to continue delivering a quality service to their colleagues, especially since GPIC is coming about to start implementing some significant expansion projects.  Whilst exciting, these projects will require major input from everyone to enable to company to meet its goals.  He reminded everyone to continue to adhere to preventive measures until the pandemic subsides completely, noting that it is necessary to continue to wear masks and keep socially distanced.  This will help build on the success of the government in fighting this global virus, and help the economy recover.  

In conclusion, Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery expressed his thanks and gratitude to the company’s employees and contractors for their unwavering support in ensuring the maintenance of safe and sustainable operations during what has become the most challenging time in the history of GPIC, praying to God Almighty for ongoing safety for all. GPIC’s employees conveyed the President their greetings and thanked Their Excellencies the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors for their support in developing appropriate and flexible plans and strategies to deal with the pandemic.  They also expressed their gratitude for the Board’s approval to allow employees to work from home over the last 18 months; they confirmed their ongoing support and moving forward they will do everything they can to meet the challenges the future brings.  

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